A leading implementation and services partner for Kronos workforce management systems, BlueTree provides more than just technical expertise. With our expertise in consulting, implementation and support, organizations can count on Kronos Workforce Management software to be highly reliable, scalable, and easy to use.

Tens of thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries — including 626 of the Fortune 1000 companies trust Kronos to control labour costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. BlueTree, in partnership with Kronos, takes the complexities involved with recording time and attendance transactions, scheduling diverse workforces, and managing employee absence and simplifies them.

BlueTree’s unparallel industry experience and passion for Workforce Management solutions has led us to be 'Kronos Partner of the Year' for two consecutive years in a row. We have completed more than 150+ Kronos implementations across 10 countries comprising of complex custom developments.

Workforce Management & Optimization


Workforce Management (WFM) is all about getting the right resources in the right place at the right time. The WFM space has grown from basic Time and Attendance and Labor Scheduling to a complex suite of products focused on supporting end to end Workforce Management processes including - Budgeting, Labor Standards, Scheduling, Time Management, Task Management, Attestation, Absence Management, Payroll Management etc.


BlueTree provides workforce solutions and consulting expertise across a wide range of workforce management and analytics areas, including blue-collar as well as white collar workforce management. Our subject matter experts can help organizations to select and implement the systems and technologies that best fit for their environment. We can help determine whether the organization’s current systems are configured to pay according to their existing compensation policies, and if there are savings to be gained by correcting system configuration errors or by providing more visibility to their time and attendance data. 


Our experts help organizations to identify workforce management shortfalls by conducting independent review of their systems and compensation policies and then offering short- and long-term analytical solutions that work. We aid organizations to save money by delivering systems that optimize your workforce and preserve your most valued resource – your employees. 


Our workforce management consulting approach includes:

  •  Assessment and Planning
  •  Implementation Planning
  •  Workforce Systems Integration
  •  Change Management
  •  Training and Process Documentation
  •  On-going Support and Maintenance



Project Governance


Project governance is a critical role in ensuring effective oversight of strategic initiatives. BlueTree collaboratively works with clients to understand the culture and political environment in which the project will exist, and to design a project governance framework that is appropriate.


Our approach defines the structure, processes, communication strategies, decision making protocols and formal lines of accountability required for effective oversight.


Our consulting services ensure the effective integration of capital investment systems, project governance procedures and project management procedures to set the framework for effective project delivery. Our experts help organizations to avoid the common pitfalls of lack of standards for smaller projects or excessive documentation generated by the application of major project standards.


Our experts exercise pragmatic, collaborative and straightforward approach to project governance that includes:


  • Project Portfolio Assessment 
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Implementation
  • Project QA and Review
  • Project & Portfolio Risk Assessment
  • Project standards, policies, and best practices definition


The output of the assessment will provide your organization with a prioritized set of recommendations to achieve measurable improvement to your project performance.


ERP Integrations


In today’s connected world, the term integration means a lot more than just connecting systems. For the modern enterprise, integration means orchestrating many systems into value chains, spread across different domains, internal as well as external in the Cloud. This means, integration is no longer a trivial discipline – it is a major challenge.


BlueTree’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultants’ experience and expertise help organizations to select and implement the solution that best fits their unique requirements. Our experts start by identifying the business processes and systems that need to be integrated, with an eye on delivering an optimal user experience. Our services include


  • Assessment of your ERP integration strategy and landscape
  • Developing a blueprint for a future-proof ERP integration strategy for your enterprise. 
  • Assistance by experienced ERP integration professionals for your ongoing integration efforts, to help you develop a project-specific integration architecture and to implement the architecture together with your key stakeholders and vendors of choice



At BlueTree, we have always understood that each organization is unique; each organization has a unique culture and processes that sets them apart. For this reason, we know that no two implementations are the same. Each project must be designed to meet organizational goals, with the resources available.

Our Implementation Consultants have developed a proven approach that delivers implementation success. Our implementation consulting methodology involves piloting different areas of the business system application with your key users, and developing an implementation road-map and end-user training strategies. We understand that every implementation is different, and that each business has separate needs when compared to others. Our implementations follow a customized phased process, allowing our Implementation Consultants to work across enterprise.

Our Implementation Methodology ensures the correct resources are brought in to deploy an enterprise system. Our consultants help organizations select the best method of implementation after helping them analyze their resources, current systems, scope of deployment and management goals.



When you decide to implement a workforce management solution or upgrade your existing solution to a later version, you require a great deal of planning, product experience and understanding of how the software can be used to achieve your business objectives.


BlueTree helps organizations protect their existing investment, extend the value of their applications, and evolve to the next generation of Kronos applications. Whether you upgrade one module at a time, multiple modules, or the complete suite, our specialized consultants have the experience to accelerate your project and lower your risk.


BlueTree assures flexible service delivery capabilities to meet your organizational objectives, timeline and budget reducing the risk to upgrade. We provide upgrade consulting services at any stage of project - from initial upgrade assessments; upgrade planning or end-to-end planning through to delivery including ongoing application support - across enterprise.


Our experts provide you with improved business process flows through new or enhanced features leveraging best practices to reduce cost, risk and need for customizations of your upgrade.

Payroll Design & Processing


We recognise that every business is unique in size, industry and focus and this makes a big difference to how you use your payroll software solution. Payroll administration in organizations has become especially intricate due to the changes in tax legislation and other labour regulations. It is therefore essential that businesses seek the expertise that will accurately and efficiently handle your business’s payroll.


BlueTree consultants have extensive industry experience in payroll systems and provide in-depth advice on how to implement changes and identify suitable reporting options to meet your business requirements. During every consulting session, our consultants focus on what your organization wants to achieve before guiding you through the processes necessary to meet your organizational goals.


Our Payroll Consulting Services Include:


  • Process and payment of periodic salaries / wages directly into employees’ bank accounts
  • Reconciliation of all business and other deductions
  • Produce payroll reports
  • Administering of statutory payments
  • Administration and processing of leave, overtime, loans, bonus schedules, advances, travel claims, etc.
  • Processing and administering of changes (such as banking details) in respect of individual employees
Performance Optimization


In today's fiercely competitive global marketplace, businesses can't afford mediocre operational performance. Performance optimization – deploying financial, material, human, and technological resources as efficiently and effectively as possible – is imperative for every business that aspires to sustainable profitability.


BlueTree provides expertise in the areas of performance benchmarking, business process change, and business transformation. Our consultants will work together with organizations to ensure that we understand their unique circumstances and apply our expert knowledge of performance optimization to ensure that their systems are scalable, which will result in less-downtime, a lower total cost of ownership, and better performance.


Our consultants help organizations to:


  • Benchmark current performance using appropriate metrics 
  • Evaluate performance in comparison to peers and top performers 
  • Identify, size, and prioritize specific areas for performance optimization
  • Select and implement appropriate best practices to drive your organization toward world-class performance levels