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A leading implementation and services partner for Kronos workforce management software, BlueTree provides more than just technical expertise. With our expertise in consulting, implementation and support, organizations can count on Kronos Workforce Management software to be highly reliable, scalable, and easy to use.

Tens of thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries — including 626 of the Fortune 1000 companies trust Kronos to control labour costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. BlueTree, in partnership with Kronos, takes the complexities involved with recording time and attendance transactions, scheduling diverse workforces, and managing employee absence and simplifies them.

BlueTree’s unparallel industry experience and passion for Workforce Management solutions has led us to be 'Kronos Partner of the Year' for two consecutive years in a row. We have completed more than 150+ Kronos implementations across 10 countries comprising of complex custom developments.


A leading implementation and services partner for Kronos workforce management(WFM) software, BlueTree provides more than just technical expertise. With our expertise in consulting, implementation and support, organizations can count on Kronos Workforce Management software to be highly reliable, scalable, and easy to use.


Time & Attendance


Employee Time & Attendance is an important part of any business. Human errors, buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping are some of the key challenges faced by organizations that directly affect their productivity.


BlueTree along with Kronos Workforce Timekeeper™ enables you to track, manage and control employee time and attendance for uncompromised workforce management. The Time & Attendance Management module includes various features to coordinate all aspects of employee time management including In-Punch, Out-Punch, Late Coming, Early Going, Leave Management, Overtime, Holidays and more.


Workforce Timekeeper is an advanced solution that can be integrated with various attendance recording devices like Biometric, Access Card devices, etc. and can provide various analytical reports, statics and information to assist in managing and regularizing employee time office management of any organization.

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Activity Tracking

Manufacturing industries face unique challenges when it comes to managing their workforce. In an environment where achieving productivity by keeping the cost down is of paramount importance, it becomes imperative for organizations to optimally manage their workforce activities.

BlueTree along with Kronos Workforce Activities enables manufacturing organizations gain insights into their workforce activities. Workforce Activities is a labor activities tracking and management tool that gives managers access to detailed, activity-level labor information and up-to-the-minute labor data. The tool features shop floor-tracking capabilities enabling manufacturing organizations to collect resource information and align the data with a wide range of criteria like employee, task, department, customer, project, etc.  The resulting insight, combined with detailed activity-tracking data, helps organizations gain precise control over operation costs and productivity


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Workforce Scheduling


Workforce scheduling is a complex act that requires managers to take into account a number of factors involving employees like availability, their abilities, their desire to work, and the cost of their labour.


BlueTree along with Kronos’ Workforce Scheduler™ enables organizations with unparalleled insights on strategic workforce plans and helps them make better decisions and achieve their business goals.


The tool completely automates the labour scheduling process and lets managers accurately create schedules that align labour with projected demand while adhering to all company and regulatory scheduling policies. The tool also helps find the best person to fill the slot when an unexpected absence occurs.





Leave Management


Maintaining accurate leave data manually is an extremely time consuming and error prone task. Every organization needs a reliable leave management system to manage employee leaves, calculate leave accruals and make payments accurately.


BlueTree along with Kronos’ leave management system enables organizations to easily manage the full lifecycle of leave management process from balance accrual to applying for leave supported by robust workflow. The leave management system’s multi-level approval feature makes sure all the managers and HR personals stationed in various places get email alerts for the pending leave applications. The system also ensures uniform implementation of the leave policy throughout the organization, reducing human monitoring or intervention.

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Absence Management


Absenteeism refers to frequent, short, unscheduled or unexpected absences due to late arrivals, early departures, unplanned leave etc. Persistent or excessive absenteeism is one of the most common and frustrating issues faced by employers that can have negative impact on productivity, work quality, morale, customer service and satisfaction. Unauthorized or unexpected absences also cause problems in terms of planning, scheduling and management and may lead to inaccurate salary of employees.


Kronos absence management module has been designed to take the pain out of absence management by quickly identifying authorized and unauthorized absence for each employee either in real-time or historically

Workforce Integration


For a workforce management solution to work effectively, it is highly critical for the solution to exchange data among the various component systems or subsystems across the enterprise. With increasingly diverse technologies coming up, IT system integration services are becoming critical for businesses.


BlueTree along with Kronos Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) enables organization to integrate their workforce management system with the other third-party solutions like HRMS, ERPs, Payroll management systems etc. BlueTree provides organizations with cost-effective integration services that helps build and IT environment that is steady, scalable, smart, innovative as well as result oriented.


We help organizations realize an IT architecture that is able to achieve real time process integration between its disparate applications, while allowing end-to-end automated business processes.



Every business must optimize their workforce to lower labor costs and maintain industry competitiveness, while complying with complex regulations and labor contracts.


BlueTree, with it’s unparalleled industry experience and comprehensive capabilities, provides consulting services in the area of Workforce Management and Optimization. By using industry best practices and KPIs, our skilled analysts can help you select and implement the systems and technologies that best fit for your organization.


BlueTree’s workforce management and optimization consulting team has a perfect mix of business knowledge, technical skills and implementation experience that enables us to understand and anticipate the strategic challenges you face during a global upgrade or implementation. With offices in India, Singapore and Indonesia, and operations across 16 countries, our team of workforce management experts can guide the organizations to setup the right kind of Workforce Management process, and help the organization multifold its profit through high process optimization.

Typically, BlueTree’s workforce management consulting engagements include the following components:

  • Workforce management implementation and adaption
  • Workforce benchmarking analysis
  • Enterprise performance management
  • Workforce management process improvement
  • Business transformation analysis
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Service delivery model design
  • Governance structure
  • Change management and training


In any organization people are the biggest asset but and it is important that these resources are managed effectively. In a constantly expanding, demand-led market it is vital to remain competitive and deliver excellent customer service.


The workforce management space has grown from basic Time and Attendance and Labor Scheduling to a complex suite of products focused on supporting end to end Workforce Management processes including Budgeting, Labor, Standards, Scheduling, Time Management, Task Management, Absence Management, Analytics etc.


BlueTree in partnership with Kronos provides Workforce Management solutions that help organizations streamline their workforce management processes and remain efficient, productive and flexible. With a flexible accruals engine, time-off request workflows, real-time customizable reporting, and employee and manager self-service, BlueTree helps organizations make better business decisions and control labor costs, thus helping them retain their competitive advantage.

Our services include:

  • Definition of requirements and project planning
  • Solution design
  • Custom configuration and customization
  • Application development, testing and modernization
  • System installation and go-live
  • Maintenance and support




In today’s constantly changing business environment, it is imperative for organizations to keep up and address the newer business challenges and suite the changing needs. Support and Maintenance operations are important elements that enhance and extend the life of various workforce management applications.


BlueTree’s Kronos support is available around the clock and around the world. Our support analysts are highly trained specialists who have extensive support experience, strong technical knowledge and comprehensive capabilities. If you have issues with Time & Attendance Management, Schedule Management, Leave Management, Absence Management or any other Kronos system, we work with you to find the best resolution.


BlueTree’s Kronos support services are designed to help organizations increase system efficiency, reduce system downtime, drive high-performance and extend application life.




When it comes to optimizing an organization’s workforce, reporting plays a critical role in enabling organizations to identify trends and report time, attendance, and expenses to reach operational and cost efficiencies.

At BlueTree, we understand the importance of running comprehensive workforce management reports. Our real-time analytics and intuitive SSRS reports help organizations identify non-performing projects, reduce employee downtime, and control expenditures while increasing revenue. With the support of Microsoft SSRS reporting tool, BlueTree delivers the data you need in the format you prefer, thus helping you make better decisions for your business.




 In today’s fast paced economic environment, having workforce management software is vital for successful business. Keeping the software up-to-date is an equally important activity. Managing upgrades helps organizations ensure that the system is at the right release levels and modules to give the functionality require.


BlueTree’s Kronos application upgrade services help our clients to implement the right version of Kronos to meet market dynamics and operating goals.


BlueTree’s extensive business process validation enables organizations to successfully execute upgrades across the Kronos application landscape with minimal business disruption. Our team deploys technology changes quickly by minimizing manual tasks and validating that business processes will perform as expected. This enables organizations to streamline and shorten upgrade projects for various Kronos applications ensuring quality.


Change Management


We see changes across industries and organizations—and people within the organization also need to change equally fast to keep up with the changing IT landscape. The main objective of change management is to define and implement procedures and/or technologies to deal with changes in the business environment and to profit from changing opportunities.


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"Trailblazing Reselling Partner - 2016"


At recently concluded KronosLIVE -2016, Kronos recognized BlueTree’s continued focus on Kronos practice, 3rd time in a row. KronosLIVE is an event series that offers the latest insights into how Kronos workforce management solutions help organizations manage their most strategic asset – their workforces.



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"Services Partner of the Year - 2015"


At Kronos Live held in Mumbai, BlueTree was awarded the “Kronos Services Partner of the Year” . The award was presented by Kronos Asia Pacific Head Mr.Neil J Solomon and Kronos India Country Head Mr.James Thomas to CEO of BlueTree Mr.Krishna RK.



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"Services Partner of the Year - 2014"


The award was presented by CEO of Kronos Mr.Aron Ain and Kronos India Country Head Mr.James Thomas to CEO of BlueTree Mr.Krishna RK. Kronos recognize partners for their continued focus, strong Kronos practice, leadership and the unique services that help customers find innovative solutions to more effectively manage their workforce.



Distraction at the office is hardly new. Even though digital technology has led to significant productivity increases, the modern workday seems custom-built to destroy individual focus.

On a daily basis, how much time does an employee spend on answering a text, taking a personal phone call, glance at the Facebook or Twitter messages popping up in the corner of one’s screen, crosstalk with colleagues, pointless meetings, etc.? If the company has an 8 person team and each of them spends an hour day on the above activities, that’s a whole employee wasted!


A recent study on digital distractions showed employees are interrupted—or self-interrupt—roughly every three minutes, with numerous distractions coming in both digital and human forms. Once thrown off track, it can take some 23 minutes for an employee to return to the original task.


Measuring the employee productivity has been one of the biggest concerns of IT organizations globally. It is indispensable to calculate the cost to the organization with regard to the estimated effort. Apart from the actual work done, there a number of other activities like inappropriate meetings, crosstalk with colleagues, social media interactions, personal phone calls, etc. that go unaccounted for. All these activities create a false perception about employees being productive.


BlueTree MyWork is an employee productivity monitoring solution integrated with Kronos workforce management system that closely tracks the activities of employees and helps optimize their time at office better.  BlueTree MyWork covers the gaps in the employee productivity monitoring of white collar employees by integrating with Kronos, where Kronos enables Time capture, Schedule and Absence management. 


BlueTree MyWork is a powerful business tool dedicated to track and monitor employee activity while logged into company network.




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What we do?





Web activity monitoring


Using BlueTree MyWork, employers can track what all websites are being accessed by an employee and can log how long the employee was on that particular website. BlueTree MyWork enables managers to define role based access to specific tools and websites on deviating from which, an automated alert pops up and warns the employee telling they are trying to access a restricted website.



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 Application monitoring


Monitor employee’s PC based activities with BlueTree MyWork. All the activities that originate from the desktop and applications that are not accessed through the internet are also monitored. You can track when documents are opened, what applications are being accessed, for how long an employee has been working on that application etc.







Inactivity monitoring


BlueTree MyWork not only monitors employee productivity but also monitors the inactivity of an employee. The software can see if an employee stays for a while on a single website / application, which may indicate idle sitting at their desk. BlueTree MyWork also lets you track employee attendance, so you can see how much time employees devote to their work and when they are showing up and leaving work.





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Alerts and Notifications


BlueTree MyWork warns the employees with automated pop-up alerts and notifications every time the employee tries to access a restricted website or has been idle for more than a stipulated time period. The manager also gets a detailed report with all the employee activities and inactivity.


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One of the leading FMCG trusted BlueTree to move from legacy system to centrally track Time and Attendance. Download the case study to see how we helped the FMCG company to standardize and automate time and attendance, leave management and scheduling processes across the organization.