We recognise that every business is unique in size, industry and focus and this makes a big difference to how you use your payroll software solution. Payroll administration in organizations has become especially intricate due to the changes in tax legislation and other labour regulations. It is therefore essential that businesses seek the expertise that will accurately and efficiently handle your business’s payroll.


BlueTree consultants have extensive industry experience in payroll systems and provide in-depth advice on how to implement changes and identify suitable reporting options to meet your business requirements. During every consulting session, our consultants focus on what your organization wants to achieve before guiding you through the processes necessary to meet your organizational goals.


Our Payroll Consulting Services Include:


  • Process and payment of periodic salaries / wages directly into employees’ bank accounts
  • Reconciliation of all business and other deductions
  • Produce payroll reports
  • Administering of statutory payments
  • Administration and processing of leave, overtime, loans, bonus schedules, advances, travel claims, etc.
  • Processing and administering of changes (such as banking details) in respect of individual employees