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Paperless Aadhaar e-KYC Onboarding

Verify your potential employees, whether it's halfway around the onboarding process or already onboarded to the system. Aadhaar e-KYC onboarding platform from BlueTree validates Aadhaar and captures employee basic data through mobile based application.

  • Registered Sub AUA (Authentication User Agency) with UIDAI for validation
  • Aadhaar-based eKYC by verifying your employee’s identity using biometrics or through OTP.
  • Establish trust in a faster, accurate and cost effective identity verification using our Aadhaar enabled onboarding platform
  • API integration with your systems for easy delivery of reports






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Online ESI number Creation and Validation

Online create and validate ESI number of all new hires at the click of a button using BlueTree Onboarding Platform.

  • Allow your team to create or validate ESI number of new hires using organizational level with login ID/ password
  • Automated employee personal and nominee details capture through ESI portal
  • Easy and faster data comparison between onboarding platform and ESI portal
  • Reduce cost and turn around time in ESI number validation and  data capture




Smooth Integration To Background Verification Platform

Our one-stop employee onboarding platform integrated with background verification platform for organizations to conduct faster onboarding and reduce hiring cost drastically.

  • Seamlessly manage entire background verification process and speed up your onboarding cycle
  • Raise background service request and choose best background verification agency for the service
  • Use well-defined workflows, manage documents, handle exceptions, configure case-report template and publish case reports online - all in a single platform
  • Eliminate manual background verification errors and reduce overhead onboarding costs






smooth integrated bgv



employee experiance



Enhanced Experience – Make employee’s first day memorable

We help you to welcome your new employee with a streamlined onboarding process, and give them faster with a fully customizable onboarding experience.

  • Gain centralized, 360° view of employee onboarding data across departments and locations
  • Empower your new employees with a self services portal to add/update necessary information on the fly
  • Capture your new employees signature right away on the platform
  • Less human intervention, cut down a weeklong onboarding process to less than a day, and save huge hiring cost



Intuitive, Feature Rich Dashboard

Leverage BlueTree Onboard  real time dashboard with real time reporting capabilities that gives your HR team a single overview on each new employee onboarding progress.

  • Simplify your new employee searches with BlueTree Onboard real time dashboard
  • Enterprise level insight on new employee application and associated pending tasks
  • Onboarding activities reminders to new hire to complete by a schedule timeline
  • Beautiful, controlled analytic experiences insights on new-hired employees onboarding






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System and Data Security

Capture and store your employees data on our secure cloud servers. This means your employee data is easily accessible and safe.

  • Secure and trusted cloud infrastructure providing protection against DDOS
  • Data masking on candidate’s sensitive information
  • Data transfer using HTTPS (SSL connection) from BTOnboard to secure cloud servers
  • Regular security Audits on the cloud setup, application and static code
  • Data encrypted using Password based AES encryption techniques
  • Role based security framework for FAP & DAP




Effective employee onboarding platform to build contagious culture 

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No More Paperwork

Say goodbye to paperwork - populates the necessary forms with the information collected in the initial interview and allows the newly-hired employee to review and electronically sign employment forms.


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Connecting Silos 

Get a unified view through which new employees, HR professionals and hiring mangers can see the progress and status of multiple siloed onboarding activities.


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Notifications & Reminders 

Platform ensures that all onboarding items stay on track. HR department managers gets automatic SMS/Email notifications on the completion of new hires onboarding.

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Fast  & Simple Verification

Auto integration to Attest360, our flagship background verification platform enables quick and reliable background verification.

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Clear Audit Trails

Streamlined process with role based, multi location / department access and e-tracking provides clear audit trails.


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Save Time & Cost

Nearly 65% reduction in onboarding time for new employees or onboarding existing employees across departments and save cost.







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