At BlueTree, we strongly believe that exit interview represent an important opportunity to gather valuable insights from employees who depart voluntarily. To get the most benefit from their exit surveys, organizations should make their departing employees feel and believe that their input will have value to the organization, especially because these surveys represent a last opportunity for them to share inputs that directly influence company policies. They need to know that their reasons for leaving will be heard.


EmpExit is a powerful SaaS based employee exit assessment platform that provides a comfortable environment for the employees leaving the organization, to share their reasons for leaving, concerns and opinions about company’s culture, people, strategy, career development etc. We employ best practices that help makes the assessment simple and painless.


EmpExit comes with a powerful, intuitive drill down capability that will help your organization gain insights on employee exit patterns and also design strategies to increase employee satisfaction, thus help employee retention.  


Smarter Assessment, Better Insights

 Effectively track employee exit trends and increase employee retention

Know what makes EmpExit the best employee exit assessment platform


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Quick and Easy Setup


Online assessments that are simple to create, easy to set up and result oriented


employee engagement assessment platform-6

Powerful Drilldown, Deeper Insights


Intelligent SaaS tool that dynamically responds to employee responses and analyses precise reason for exit

employee engagement assessment platform-7

Flexible Design


Empexit lets you design assessment questionnaire of your own based on your organizational  needs and culture.


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Escalations & Reminders


Configurable workflows to track and execute the constituted action plan to gain better insights

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Centralized Reports


Precise real time reports enables you to gain visibility into exit trends and take relevant actions

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Real Time Dashboards


Monitor results and gain graphical insights in real time through our intuitive dashboards

Powerful, Quick, Accurate

Engage your employees, Empower your leaders and Enhance your profits

With There are a number of benefits that come from having a systematic process for conducting employee exit assessments. Conducting exit assessment throughout your organization and having ready access to your exit assessment results means that your organization will effectively be able to..



  • Manage Transition

  • Manage Succession Planning

  • Identify barriers to job satisfaction

  • Build Positive Work Culture

  • Manage Knowledge

  • Manage and Mitigate the risks
    of employee departures

  • Track exit trends across organization

  • Increase retention