In today’s connected world, the term integration means a lot more than just connecting systems. For the modern enterprise, integration means orchestrating many systems into value chains, spread across different domains, internal as well as external in the Cloud. This means, integration is no longer a trivial discipline – it is a major challenge.


BlueTree’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultants’ experience and expertise help organizations to select and implement the solution that best fits their unique requirements. Our experts start by identifying the business processes and systems that need to be integrated, with an eye on delivering an optimal user experience. Our services include


  • Assessment of your ERP integration strategy and landscape
  • Developing a blueprint for a future-proof ERP integration strategy for your enterprise. 
  • Assistance by experienced ERP integration professionals for your ongoing integration efforts, to help you develop a project-specific integration architecture and to implement the architecture together with your key stakeholders and vendors of choice