BlueTree MyWork is an employee productivity monitoring solution integrated with Kronos workforce management system that closely tracks the activities of employees and helps optimize their time at office better. BlueTree MyWork covers the gaps in the employee productivity monitoring of white collar employees by integrating with Kronos, where Kronos enables Time capture, Schedule and Absence management. 

What we do?




Web activity monitoring


Using BlueTree MyWork, employers can track what all websites are being accessed by an employee and can log how long the employee was on that particular website. BlueTree MyWork enables managers to define role based access to specific tools and websites on deviating from which, an automated alert pops up and warns the employee telling they are trying to access a restricted website.




Application monitoring


Monitor employee’s PC based activities with BlueTree MyWork. All the activities that originate from the desktop and applications that are not accessed through the internet are also monitored. You can track when documents are opened, what applications are being accessed, for how long an employee has been working on that application etc.




Inactivity monitoring


BlueTree MyWork not only monitors employee productivity but also monitors the inactivity of an employee. The software can see if an employee stays for a while on a single website / application, which may indicate idle sitting at their desk. BlueTree MyWork also lets you track employee attendance, so you can see how much time employees devote to their work and when they are showing up and leaving work.




Alerts and Notifications


BlueTree MyWork warns the employees with automated pop-up alerts and notifications every time the employee tries to access a restricted website or has been idle for more than a stipulated time period. The manager also gets a detailed report with all the employee activities and inactivity.