Employee engagement is a critical activity for the success of any business. In today’s dynamic, competitive and complex business environment, organizations have realized that in order to stay relevant they need highly engaged employees.


EmpEngage is powerful SaaS platforms that makes it easier than ever to measure and improve employee engagement. Our Employee Engagement Assessment Platform enables organizations to analyze employee attitudes and needs and to design creative initiatives to boost employee engagement and keep them motivated. Our completely automated system and real-time feedbacks empower your teams to create a positive work culture.


EmpEngage is an intelligent tool that dynamically drills down to gain complete understanding of employee concerns and gain valuable insights to understand exactly where the organization is going wrong and losing their valuable assets.

Smarter Insights, Better Decisions

Effectively engage your employees to get faster and better results

Know what makes EmpEngage the best employee engagement assessment platform


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Quick and Easy Setup


Online assessments that are simple to create, easy to set up and result oriented


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Powerful Drilldown, Deeper Insights


Intelligent SaaS tool that dynamically responds to employee responses and pin point employee expectations to pre-empt workplace conflicts

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360°  Assessment 


A holistic, qualitative evaluation approach that helps gain a 360° view of employee performance


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Escalations & Reminders


Configurable workflows to track and execute the constituted action plan to improve employee engagement

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Centralized Reports


Our precise real time reports enables you to gain visibility into engagement levels and take relevant actions

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Real Time Dashboards


Monitor results and gain graphical insights in real time through our intuitive dashboards

Engage, Empower & Enhance

Engage your employees, Empower your leaders and Enhance your profits

With EmpEngage employee engagement platform, you  are assured to achieve..




  • Engaged Workforce

  • Reduced Absenteeism

  • Increased Profitability

  • Positive Work Culture

  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Improved Employee Morale

  • Reduced Attrition

  • Improved Quality