Integration of invoice details with ERP system and auto digital signature

Facility Management Companies form the spine of all industries as they maintain pleasant work environment to keep those customer and employee smiles. What about the smiles of these industries? We care for these industries and bring your way a smart product to shorten your accounts receivable period and establish a greater control over your working capital needs. Managing working capital needs wisely ensures that businesses invests in revenue generating projects. We bring to you the integrated digital platform for invoicing which is:

    Integrated with ERP thereby ensuring correctness of customer data

    Auto digitally signed invoices to reduce the manual invoice processing time from 15days upto 3days

Customer wise Invoice Supporting Documents

We understand that your customers are your priceless possession and they require personalised attention because billing agreements differ from customer to customer. It may strike to you that every organisation must go for manual intervention as per their invoicing needs. With our e-invoicing solution, we make sure that you meet your customer needs and build a long lasting relationship with them by:

 Profiling for customer wise invoice supporting documents

 Configuring supporting documents at different organisational and customer site level

 Document uploading and site-wise tracking of the documents

Approval through Email and visibility of Invoice status customer and site wise

We know that businesses sweat to get on-time invoice processing and approvals. We understand your efforts to get your invoices on-time and care for nature as well hence we are the first ever online invoice approval system in India which facilitates:

  System generated email based approval of invoices

  Option for vendors to upload the material DCs which will get auto attached to invoices

   With increased customer-supplier loyalty by transparency in approvals

  Error-proof invoicing process.



Bluetree accelerates INVOICING for India's leading facility management service provider

The customer is India’s leading facility management service provider in terms of scale, customer profile, reach, employee strength etc. With a workforce of over 33,000 employees they are present in over 37 cities and towns, serving 1000+ customers in over 1600 customer locations, providing a complete solutions package across a gamut of industries.​

Find out how BlueTree Automates Tracking and Delivery of Invoices for India’s leading facility management service provider.

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