In today’s rapidly evolving global economy, it is critical that organizations remain adaptable and responsive to change. It is no longer adequate to manage contractors and contract employees with disparate point solutions.


Employers across industries depend on contract workforce in order to sustain the increasing competition and rigid labour laws. Contract employees form the bottom line of almost every business. However due of the compliance issues, safety & security issues, accidents, periodic etc, the entire contract employee management process becomes a complex subject.


BlueTree CEMS is a comprehensive SaaS based contract employee management system that helps organizations automate the entire contract employee lifecycle. BlueTree CEMS is designed to meet today’s complex industry needs and bring in more visibility into managing contract employees.  BlueTree CEMS enables organizations to plan, measure and track labour activities within an organization hence improving efficiency. The various aspects of BlueTree CEMS is as depicted in the below workflow:




Automated vendor empanelment 

Eliminate all manual, paper based empanelment processes and switch to BlueTree CEMS’ completely digitized contractor / vendor empanelment module. BlueTree CEMS helps organizations boost vendor performance, manage vendor costs, mitigate vendor risk, ease regulatory compliance - and ultimately save you time and money!



Register your Vendors


Add a new vendor to the organization through BlueTree CEMS. Just enter basic details of the vendor to create vendor credentials. Once the vendor credentials are created, it can be shared with the vendor organization for them to enter complete empanelment details.




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Review and Approve Documents


Vendor Management module includes powerful features to help automate and monitor the documents uploaded by the vendor. The vendor enters empanelment details on BlueTree CEMS through a dedicated login created for his organization. The documents are then sent for approval. Reviewer will receive that information as a notification, and be subscribed to future changes on that document. Based on review comments, the documents can either be approved or rejected. 






Get Alerts and Notifications


Send automatic notifications to the vendor to complete empanelment process. Once the vendor completes uploading the documents, administration team gets e-mail notification to verify the uploaded documents. Automated alerts are also sent to the vendor in case of any compliance issues.





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Manage your Contract Employee onboarding with Ease 

On-boarding a new contract employee is a complex process involving many people across many departments. BlueTree CEMS is a highly evolved product that streamlines the onboarding process, to increase employee productive from day one, saving time and money.

The employee onboarding module can be extensively configured based on job role, geographic location or other specific variables, to suit the environment and culture of each organization.  



Manage Contract Employee Hiring


Hiring management module helps organizations to place and track contractor employee hiring request with contractor companies. The hiring management module enables principal employer to screen and select the best-fit candidates with greater efficiencies for the required skill-set through empanelled contractor companies.




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Manage Contract Employee Data


BlueTree CEMS’ manages all crucial work-related and important personal information about an employee. This information will be a readily available source of information between the organization and the employee, that includes -  contact information, salary information, posts, work schedule, education information etc. 



Print Customized Passes


Customize your employee pass with your company logo and the fields of your choice. BlueTree CEMS seamlessly integrates with printer of your choice to print the passes. You can also choose what badge works best for you - paper badges, stickers, swipe cards, or access cards that expire.




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Employee Termination management


BlueTree CEMS gives employers a reliable, centralized platform for processing and storing all termination-related information, including contract end-date, dates of employment, the return of uniforms, ID cards and equipment, and other data pertaining to the terminated employee. 



An Integrated Background Verification Platform for all your employee background verification needs 

Background verification has become an integral part of hiring process across all industries. It is highly critical to ascertain the credibility of your contract workforce and avoid employing fraudulent, dishonest, or otherwise unsuitable candidates. BlueTree CEMS’ integrated background verification platform provides technology enabled employee background checks that help organizations create a safe work environment, simultaneously protecting organization’s brand image.

BlueTree CEMS’ integrated background verification platform enables organizations with powerful automation of all database searches, controlled tracking on physical verification and real time visibility in effort tracking to control cost, improve productivity and consolidation.



Employee Profile Creation


As soon as an employee is hired and onboarded, a verification profile can be created with basic details like name, phone number and ID number etc. This will act as a base to all the requested background checks.




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Configure Verification Type


The verification needs for each employee will vary based on job role, location, organization etc. The type of verification, like – criminal background verification, court database check, address verification, reference check etc. can be configured specific to a job role and region with our integrated background verification platform. 



Automated Identity Check


From simple PAN card verification check to driving license check, criminal database check to Court / Regulatory Authorities Check, all the database checks are completely automated with reports generated in click of a button.





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Real time Dashboards & Reports


Get access to the verification status from anywhere, anytime with our intuitive real-time dashboards. You can also generate interim reports to keep track of the verification or download a detailed consolidated report, without any manual intervention. 



Integrate with Leading WFM solutions to manage your contract workforce 

We understand that running business operations can be stressful—especially when you have to account for staffing, hours, work loads, availabilities, and so much more.

BlueTree CEMS seamlessly integrates with leading workforce management solutions to collect contract employee related data, optimize scheduling, budget labour costs, manage attendance of contract workforce, etc. thus providing organizations with increased increased control over labor costs.




Manage Employee Shifts


Manage employee shifts smarter and faster. Eliminate shift conflicts, notify employees of work shifts automatically, avoid human error and produce perfect timesheets every month.




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Capture and manage Employee attendance


Seamlessly integrated with leading workforce management systems to eliminate any human errors, buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping. CEMS integrates with various attendance recording devices like Biometric, Access Card devices, etc. and can provide detailed reports and statics.  



Employee job scheduling


Enable organizations with unparalleled insights on strategic workforce plans and helps them make better decisions and achieve their business goals. You can create accurate schedules that align labour with projected demand while adhering to all company and regulatory scheduling policies.




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Digitally track and manage compliance 

Compliance is a continuous process that impacts all aspects of an enterprise. Managing compliance is indispensable for sustainable operation of any enterprise. Amidst increasingly stricter regulations on enterprise activities, non-compliance exposes a company to risks and leads directly to financial loss and damage in reputation. 

BlueTree CEMS’ Compliance management module is a comprehensive cloud based solution to reduce total cost of managing compliance by automating and standardizing all operations across the enterprise.  This module integrates and maps compliance mandates and controls all rules in a central framework, thereby simplifying compliance management and monitoring.  This module, along with streamlining the compliance management in your organization, also minimizes compliance violations.



Online EPF Remittance validation


PF remittance validation for contract employees is a unique feature that validates and ensures EPF remittances across locations, for multiple user-id & passwords through the system, at the click of a button. The system also tracks each vendor’s compliance with CLRA of 1970; minimum wage payout to each contract employee.




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Online ESI Number Validation


Principal employers can centrally monitor the ESI numbers of all contract employees and also validate ESI payment remittance at the click of a button. The self service portal is available for the vendor to upload documents and principal employer to validate and approve. 



Configure Compliance Regulations


Regulatory compliance acts vary from region-to-region and from industry-to-industry. BlueTree CEMS can be configured to cater to the needs of various region specific, industry specific or organization specific compliance policies.




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Automated Escalations & Notifications


Get notified on any deviation from regulatory compliance activities through CEMS’ automated notification feature. A well defined workflow will also help you escalate to right authorities and manage compliance with ease  




Run Payroll using BlueTree CEMS


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Payroll Management is considered a time consuming and demanding process. Some of the biggest challenges, as seen by organizations managing many contract employees include - bringing together multiple streams of inputs, adhering to local statutory requirements, validating the data prior to paying your employees accurately, etc. especially when dealing with employees working in different locations, across the city, district or country. 


BlueTree CEMS’ Payroll Management module helps organisation to address the various challenges involved in payroll processing and ensure that they are properly geared to deal with the industry challenges. Our payroll management module ensures timely and accurate salary calculation coupled with statutory compliance. The module also assists organizations in a wide range of transactions, including salary and wages, withholding amounts, deductions, allowances, periodic incentives, one time payments, overtime, etc. 











More Features Of BlueTree CEMS

Work order tracking can be chaotic and stressful task without a proper process in place. BlueTree CEMS’ work order tracking module increases visibility and lets principal employer analyze the efficiency and progress of the work order. The principal employer can drill down to individual work order and track details like work order start date, work order end date, total number of contract employees deployed to execute the work order etc.

Work order tracking module helps organizations to maximize financial and operational efficiency and minimizing risk by systematically tracking and managing work orders.

Download your copy of CEMS brochure now or request for a demo from our team of experts.




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In today’s rapidly evolving global economy, it is critical that organizations remain adaptable and responsive to change. It is no longer adequate to manage contractors and contract employees with disparate point solutions.


BlueTree CEMS is a comprehensive SaaS based contract employee management system that helps organizations automate the entire contract employee lifecycle.


Download your copy of BlueTree CEMS brochure now or request for a demo from our team of experts.