Ignorance is not an excuse

Non-Compliance carries hefty fines and even jail term for directors & top management



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Statutory & Regulatory


All registered companies in India are bound by the central and state laws to comply with the various labour laws applicable to that industry and region. In other words, to follow act, rules & regulation under provision of law.


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Legal Implications & Imprisonment


Huge penalties are imposed by state and central authorities which can range from miniscule amounts to very serious consequences. Non compliance may also lead to imprisonment of the CEO/ Directors/ Board Members for up to 3-5 years.


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Regulatory Audits



Regulatory bodies authenticate security incidents by checking the audit trails from the log data. Non compliance or loss of audit data leads to serious legal implications.


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Reputational Loss


Law suits, payment of fines, imprisonment etc. can lead to a irreplaceable damages to the brand image built over years. Non compliant organizations have had CEOs/Directors step down, executives replaced, and employees lost due trespassing important compliance procedures.


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As a consequence of non compliance, the state and central governments, under the umbrella of different labour law compliance acts have the authority to dissolve your company for failing to abide by legal requirements.


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Complicated Legal Environment


There are over 40+ labour laws in India in addition to hundreds of other laws. The applicability of these statutory laws varies based on the industry, domain and location spread.

Automated S&E Compliance Management


The system ensures that your organization is fully compliant with the provisions of state and region specific Shops & Establishments Act. All workflows from registration to renewal of certificates are completely automated along with a digital trail of all Records and registers.






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Automated Factory Compliance Management


Our experts help factories comply with the various provisions of Factories ACT, 1948 including provisions related to:

  1. Registration & day to day running of the factory
  2. Labor Laws governing Working Hours, Eligibility and Minimum Wages of workers
  3. Safety, health & welfare of the workers
  4. Conducting audits and inspections



Automated Payroll Compliance Management


BlueTree Compliance completely automates all regulatory and statutory compliances, across regions and industries. The system also automatically validates PF, ESIC, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund and other deductions. Also get:

  1. Auto generated statutory reports
  2. PF and ESI remittance validation reports
  3. Clear audit trail with digital footprints of all contractors etc




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Automated CLRA Management


The system automatically tracks each contractor / vendor’s compliance with CLRA of 1970; minimum wage payout to each contract employee. The system auto-generates various registers related to the act like - Muster roll, Register of wages, Register of deductions, Register of overtime, Register of fines etc.


Automated PF Remittance & ESI Remittance Validation


This is a unique feature that automatically validates and ensures EPF remittances across locations, for multiple user-id & passwords through the system, at the click of a button. The validation is carried through secure cloud servers and all sensitive data are masked using encryption techniques.



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Automated Escalations & Notifications


Get notified on any deviation from regulatory compliance activities through automated notification feature. A well defined workflow will also help you escalate to right authorities and manage compliance with ease.



Configure Other Compliance Regulations


Regulatory compliance acts vary from region-to-region and from industry-to-industry. BlueTree Compliance can be configured to cater to the needs of various region specific, industry specific or organization specific compliance policies.





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Compliance Dashboard


View real-time status of all statutory, Regulatory compliance, categorised based on priority on the Compliance Dashboard. This helps you track progress of all compliances i.e. Completed, Pending or Overdue.

The BlueTree Advantage


  • Completely Automated

  • Online Validation of PF & ESI remittance

  • Role based Access

  • Real-time, Priority based Dashboards

  • Automated alerts and Reminders

  • Digital Document Repository
    of employee departures

  • Easy Collaboration & Integration

  • Clear Audit Trail