BlueTree 2.0, The Grand Launch

We are thrilled to announce the opening our vibrant new office space. This is a big step for all of us and we take pleasure in sharing it with you!

The new office space represents the energy of our employees, our values, new technology and the future.

The successful journey of growing from a 4 seater small office 6 years ago, to a 200 seater space today as a successful B2B product company, has only been possible because of our passionate employees. And as a way to thank everyone who has been associated with this incredible journey, we invited some very special members of our BlueTree family to inaugurate the occasion.

Parents play a very important role in each of our lives and for most of us, they are the greatest source of inspiration. Hence we invited parents of the employees associated with us though this exhilarating journey to be a part of the office inauguration and express our gratitude to them and say thanks for all the support and encouragement. We also invited ex-employees of BlueTree to be a part of the celebration, who have contributed a great deal for our success.

While the mothers of our employees lighted the lamp to mark the bright new future of BlueTree, fathers of our employees joined hands to cut the cake and spread the joy.

The new BlueTree office will be primarily focused on building better products and achieve enhanced customer excellence. Our effort will continue to build world-class Made-in-India products and platforms and hence create many more jobs globally.

Click here to get a glimpse of BlueTree 2.0


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